So you’ve created your powerful WalkWoke poster. Now it’s time to print and share it with pride at an upcoming march, protest or simply as inspirational wall art.

1. Select A Printing Method

To print your poster, you’ll first need to decide if you’d like to print it at home (or via a Wi-Fi connected printer) or through a professional printing service, such as Shutterfly, FreePrints, FedEx, Staples, or another company.

2. Printing At Home

If printing at home or via a wifi connected printer, click the “Print” icon at the bottom of your poster preview screen. You can arrive at this screen three different ways:

After selecting your wifi connected printer, click “Print.”

3. Printing Through A Professional Service

If printing through a professional service, click “Save” after creating your poster. This will save your customized artwork to the camera roll on your phone.

  1. Connect with your preferred professional printing provider either through an app or web-based service.
  2. Upload the photo saved to your camera roll and select a printing size. Common sizes we’ve found to print well include: 11”x14”, 11”x17” and 16”x20”.
  3. If you will be utilizing your poster as a sign at a protest or march, we suggest either printing on foam board or printing as a flat photo and then pasting onto a sturdy foam board or cardboard.